Garlic seller specialist since 1980 !


Rich with an experience of more than 40 years in garlic packaging, Les Aulx du Sud-Ouest affirms itself like one of the major French partner in garlic import-export packaging and packing line.

Our business expertise is based on our French garlic knowledges provided by our own farm named La Ferme de La Hitte. The farm grows a few garlic colors (purple and white garlic) with different cultural ways.



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Our specialist garlic group

Based in the main French garlic production area, discover our group of three companies, expert in garlic sector :

La Ferme de La Hitte cultivate garlic around the company

Les Aulx du Sud-Ouest packs garlic for retailers and wholesalers

Sokod’Ail transforms garlic to industrial sector, wholesaler and out-of-home catering

tons of harvested garlic

tons of packed garlic every year

tons of transformed garlic every year

For us, commerce and culture make only one, we enjoy listening to my customers and follow the cultivation monitoring.


– Camille, trade engineer and cultivation manager.

The performance of our quality system, evaluated annually as part of our certifications, allows us to ensure the high quality of our products and gain the confidence of our customers.


– Magali, quality engineer of the group

The marketing and communication departments go with the company commercial strategy showing its values by the creation of modern and dynamic communication medias.


– Marion, Marketing & Communication Manager.

A dynamic family business, we do the best we can to satisfy our customers, keep strong links with our suppliers and ensure the well-being of our employees.

– Lionel, CEO

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Garlic story.

Garlic belongs to the allium species. He is constituted with a bulb which contains a dozen of « cloves ». Typical garlic taste is due to a molecul named allicinreleased when the garlic is cut (chopped, crushed). Around 700 different varieties with a variation of flavor, size and color for each of them exist. Each production area corresponds to a specific local associated with a specific variety.

The garlic is then cooked in a thousand ways andenriches all our dishes, here or elsewhere..

Our quality commitments.

Certified IFS FOOD, our commitments about quality and security of our products are daily goals. Les Aulx du Sud-Ouest has set up a strict quality charter with the aim to propose you higher quality products in the respect of the alimentary rules.

Our teams are careful with the well-being of our employees and with the respect for the environment.

We continuously follow the evolution of market trends by integrating new certifications and labels.

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