Specialist of the garlic sells and packaging

Les Aulx du Sud-Ouest proposes garlic under a lot of forms and varieties / color (purple, white and pink) and under different packagings.

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Our garlic quality subsidiaries

There are many challenges in the food sector : quality of the products, food safety, local production, control of the hazards, reduction of our environmental footprint… we will respond to all of them with our commitments in the multiples quality subsidiaries and certifications, and also by the performance of our quality system.

In the heart of terroir, find in our product ranges, the three labels (SIQO*) of French Garlic

*SIQO= French acronym which means official identification signs to the quality and the origin

PDO Purple Garlic from Cadours

Since 2017, the purple garlic from Cadours has gotten PDO (Protected Designation of Origin). PDO is the strongest European recognition for a farm product.

The PDO identifies a product produced made with traditional know-how and on a geographic area delimited. This label protects the producers, the know-how and the local. This label protects the producers pack-genuine and its terroir.

Les Aulx du Sud-Ouest takes part in the defense federation of the PDO Purple Garlic from Cadours as president of the sellers.

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PGI White Garlic from Lomagne

Since decades Beaumont de Lomagne, in Tarn-et-Garonne (French department in the southwest) is known for its garlic culture. In 1969, the garlic sales on the market represented the quarter of the French production, in Beaumont de Lomagne.

The PGI (Protected Geographical Indication) identifies a farm product raw or processed which its quality, its reputation or other caracteristics are due to its geographical origin.

The PGI White Garlic from Lomagne is held since 2008.

Les Aulx du Sud-Ouest is a member of the defense federation of the PGI White Garlic from Lomagne.

To find out more : www.ailblancdelomagne.com

Pink Garlic from Lautrec RL

In the 60s, the garlic farmers from Lautrec, in the Tarn (French department in the southwest) gathered to create the federation of the Pink Garlic from Lautrec in order to structure the sector and protect the local know-how.

The “Label Rouge” Pink Garlic from Lautrec is obtained in 1966 and the PGI (Protected Geographical Indication) in 1996.

The “Label Rouge” is a French sign establishing the high quality of the product distinguished.

Les Aulx du Sud-Ouest is a member of defense federation of the “Label Rouge” Pink Garlic from Lautrec.

To find out more : www.ailrosedelautrec.com

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